Johanna Wall

Johanna Wall

Research focus

  • Establishement of an in vitro exposure model for nanoscaled metal compounds

    • Innovative approach via an air-liquid interface (ALI)

    • Investigation of pulmonary toxicity using different cell culture models

  • Research on the mode of action of metal-based nanoparticles and -wires

    • Characterization of materials with regards to their physicochemical properties

    • Investigation of cellular bioavailibility in different compartiments

    • Investigation of cytotoxicity and genotoxicity as well as detection of inflammatory and fibrotic potential

    • Detection of differences between rat and human species


  • Quantitative determination of metal compounds using atomic absorption spectrometry

  • Quantification of DNA strand breaks via Alkaline Unwinding

  • Detection of inflammatory and fibrotic markers using gene expression profiles and protein analytic (immunoblot, ELISA)

  • Investigation of cells using Live Cell Imaging


  • Supervision of master theses, term papers, and bachelor theses
  • Supervision of teching lab "Biochemistry (Electrophoresis)"


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Wall J., Ag Seleci D., Schworm F., Neuberger R., Link M., Hufnagel M., Schumacher P., Schulz F., Heinrich U., Wohlleben W., Hartwig A.
Comparison of Metal-Based Nanoparticles and Nanowires: Solubility, Reactivity, Bioavailability and Cellular Toxicity 
Nanomaterials (2021)

Hufnagel M., May N., Wall J., Wingert N., Garcia-Käufer M., Arif A., Hübner C., Berger M., Mülhopt S., Baumann W., Weis F., Krebs T., Becker W., Gminski R., Stapf D., Hartwig A.
Impact of Nanocomposite Combustion Aerosols on A549 Cells and a 3D Airway Model
Nanomaterials (2021)

Hufnagel M., Schoch S., Wall J., Strauch B.M., Hartwig A.
Toxicity and Gene Expression Profiling of Copper- and Titanium-Based Nanoparticles Using Air-Liquid Interface Exposure"
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