Fischer_Franziska FranziskaFischer

Franziska Fischer

Research focus

Influence of ascorbic acid on chromium induced epigenetic alterations

  • Uptake and translocation studies

  • Gene expression analysis

  • Investigation of DNA-methylation changes



Methods ​​​​​​​

  • Methylation Specific PCR

  • Gene expression profiling using high-throughput RT-PCR

  • Quantification of metals (AAS, colorimetric assay)

  • Cytotoxicity assays

  • Quantification with HPLC (ascorbic acid, nucleosides)


  • Supervision of master and bachelor thesis
  • Organization of the lab course "Biochemisches und Toxikologisches Praktikum"
  • Supervision of teaching lab "Toxikologisches Praktikum" (AAS)


Caipa Garci A. L., Kucab J. E., Al-Serori H., Beck R. S. S., Fischer F., Hufnagel M., Hartwig A., Floeder A., Balbo S., Francies H., Garnett M., Huch M., Drost J., Zilbauer M., Arlt V. M., Phillips D. H.
Metabolic Activation of Benzo[a]pyrene by Human Tissue Organoid Cultures
International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2022)

Schumacher P., Fischer F., Sann J., Walter D., Hartwig A.
Impact of nano- and micro-sized Chromium(III) particles on cytotoxicity and gene expression profiles related to genomic stability in human keratinozytes and alveolar epithelial cells
Nanomaterials  (2022)