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The research topics of the working group are based on the impact of metals, including soluble and insoluble materials such as nanomaterials, on genomic stability. Additionally, the working group of PD Dr. Beate Köberle is focussing on the mode of action of platinum-based cytostatic drugs. Further information on current research can be found here.

Present corona crisis

Please inform yourself on the KIT website for academic and on the website of Robert-Koch-Institute for general information. We wish you all the very best of health!

July 2021

We congratulate our valued colleague Dr. Tizia Matthäus on her outstanding PhD on the topic: "Influence of arsenic on the ring finger structure in BRCA1 and its functional role in the DNA damage response".

Tizi, we wish you all the best for your PhD and are glad that you will stay with us as a postdoctoral fellow!