Welcome to the homepage of the working group Hartwig


The research topics of the working group are based on the impact of metals, including soluble and insoluble materials such as nanomaterials, on genomic stability. Additionally, the working group of PD Dr. Beate Köberle is focussing on the mode of action of platinum-based cytostatic drugs. Further information on current research can be found here.


We would like to congratulate our collegue and employee Franziska Fischer for finishing her doctorate successfully in December 2023. 

Dear Franzi, we wish you all the best for your future and hope you will keep us in good memory. We are very much looking forward to spending three further months with you!



October 2023: Tatjana Lumpp as a speaker at the symposium "Signaling through Chromatin - from molecules to ecosystems" in Grenoble (France).


October 2023: Sandra Stößer with a poster at the symposium "Signaling through Chromatin" from molecules to ecosystems in Grenoble (France).