Jana Kuhn JanaKuhn

Research Focus

  • Toxicological characterization of copper compounds with a focus on proteomics

  • Impact of copper compounds on the cellular redox regulation in vitro (Copper oxide nanoparticles and water soluble copper compounds)

  • Correlation of data between gene expression and posttranslational protein modification with respect to copper exposure in vitro 

  • Cell culture
  • Cytotoxicity studies 
  • Western Blot
  • Carbonyl Assay
  • LC-MS/MS (Orbitrap)
  • High-throughput RT-qPCR


  • Supervision of seminar papers, bachelor and master’s thesis 
  • Toxicological Internship (AAS) in the master program 
  • Organization of the Biochemical and Toxicological Internship in the master program