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Lumpp T., Stösser, S., Fischer F., Hartwig A., Köberle B
Role of Epigenetics for the Efficacy of Cisplatin
International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2024)

Stösser S., Lumpp T., Fischer F., Gunesch S., Schumacher P., Hartwig A.
Effect of Long-Term Low-Dose Arsenic Exposure on DNA Methylation and Gene Expression in Human Liver Cells
International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2023)

Caipa Garci A. L., Kucab J. E., Al-Serori H., Beck R. S. S., Fischer F., Hufnagel M., Hartwig A., Floeder A., Balbo S., Francies H., Garnett M., Huch M., Drost J., Zilbauer M., Arlt V. M., Phillips D. H.
Metabolic Activation of Benzo[a]pyrene by Human Tissue Organoid Cultures
International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2022)

Friesen A., Fritsch-Decker S., Hufnagel m., Mülhopt S., Stapf D. Weiss C., Hartwig A.
Gene Expression Profiling of Mono- and Co-Culture Models of the Respiratory Tract Exposed to Crystalline Quartz under Submerged and Air-Liquid Interface Conditions
International Journal of Molecular Science (2022)

Friesen A., Fritsch-Decker S., Hufnagel M., Mülhopt S., Stapf D., Hartwig A., Weiss C.
Comparing α-Quartz-Induced Cytotoxicity and Interleukin-8 Release in Pulmonary Mono- and Co-Cultures Exposed under Submerged and Air-Liquid Interface Conditions
International Journal of Molecular Science (2022)

Schumacher P., Fischer F., Sann J., Walter D., Hartwig A.
Impact of nano- and micro-sized Chromium(III) particles on cytotoxicity and gene expression profiles related to genomic stability in human keratinozytes and alveolar epithelial cells
Nanomaterials  (2022)

Wall J., Ag Seleci D., Schworm F., Neuberger R., Link M., Hufnagel M., Schumacher P., Schulz F., Heinrich U., Wohlleben W., Hartwig A.
Comparison of Metal-Based Nanoparticles and Nanowires: Solubility, Reactivity, Bioavailability and Cellular Toxicity 
Nanomaterials  (2021)

Nicolai M.M., Witt B., Hartwig A., Schwerdtle T., Bornhorst J.
A fast and reliable method for monitoring  genomic instability in the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans 
Archives of Toxicology (2021)

Schoch S., Sen V., Brenner W., Hartwig A., Köberle B.
In Vitro Nephrotoxicity Studies  of Established and Experimental Platinum-Based Compounds.
Biomedicines (2021)

Hufnagel M., May N., Wall J., Wingert N., Garcia-Käufer M., Arif A., Hübner C., Berger M., Mülhopt S., Baumann W., Weis F., Krebs T., Becker W., Gminski R., Stapf D., Hartwig A.
Impact of Nanocomposite Combustion Aerosols on A549 Cells and a 3D Airway Model
Nanomaterials (2021)

Hufnagel M., Neuberger R., Wall J., Link M., Friesen A., Hartwig A.
Impact of Differentiated Macrophage-Like Cells on the Transcriptional Toxicity Profile of CuO Nanoparticles in Co-Cultured Lung Epithelial Cells
International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2021)

Köberle B., Schoch S.
Platinum Complexes in Colorectal Cancer and Other Solid Tumors
Cancers (2021)

Wedler N., Matthäus T., Strauch B., Dilger E., Waterstraat M., Mangerich A., Hartwig A.
Impact of the Cellular Zinc Status on PARP-1 Activity and Genomic Stability in HeLa S3 Cells
Chemical Research in Toxicology (2021)

Witkiewicz-Kucharczyk A., Goch W., Oledzki J., Hartwig A., Bal W.
The reaction of H2O2 and GSNO with the zinc finger motif of XPA. Not a regulatory mechanism, but no synergy with cadmium toxicity
Molecules (2020)

Schoch S., Gajewski S., Rothfuß J., Hartwig A., Köberle B.
Comparative study of the mode of action of clinically approved platinum-based chemotherapeutics
International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2020)

Aberle L., Krüger A., Reber J., Lippmann M., Hufnagel M., Schmalz M., Trussina I., Schlesiger S., Zubel T., Schütz K., Marx A., Hartwig A., Ferrando-May E., Bürkle A., Mangerich A.
PARP1 catalytic variants reveal beanching and chain length-specific functions of poly(ADP-ribose) in cellular physiology and stress response
Nucleic Acids Research (2020)

Gajewski S., Hartwig A.
PARP1 is required for ATM-mediated p53 acivation and p53-mediated gene expression after ionizing radiation
Chemical Research in Toxicology (2020)

Hartwig A., Arand M., Epe B., Guth S., Jahnke G., Lampen A., Martus H.-J., Monien B., Rietjens I. M. C. M., Schmitz-Spanke S., Schriever-Schwemmer G., Steinberg P., Eisenbrand G.
Mode of action-based risk assessment of genotoxic carcinogens
Archives of Toxicology (2020)

Hufnagel M., Schoch S., Wall J., Strauch B.M., Hartwig A.
Toxicity and Gene Expression Profiling of Copper- and Titanium-Based Nanoparticles Using Air-Liquid-Interface Exposure
Chemical Research in Toxicology (2020)

Strauch B.M., Hubele W., Hartwig A.
Impact of Endocytosis and Lysosomal Acidification on the Toxicity of Copper Oxide Nano- and Microsized Particles: Uptake and Gene Expression Related to Oxidative Stress and the DNA Damage Response
Nanomaterials (2020)